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Zimbra Business Email Hosting

Zimbra is a modern product in e-mail and collaboration, which improves the performance of the organization, obedient people and enables applications and data from any modern device.

Zimbra provides a cost-effective open platform designed for use of both in business and in government and non-profit organizations. At VMware Zimbra, there are more than 60 million used mailboxes and 150,000 customers worldwide. Zimbra - one of the largest and fastest growing email providers. Zimbra system has broad functionality, representing several business applications and collaboration tools, collected within a single interface.


Zimbra created as a system for group work, you can make almost all of the resources general, personal, as well as upload to open access. Using Zimbra daily work accelerates the decision-making process, improving the performance of the organization and makes it possible to access business information from anywhere, from any device at any time. Zimbra supports many platforms, including Windows / Mac / Linux operating systems; IE / Firefox / Safari / Chrome browsers; Outlook customers desktop, Zimbra Desktop and others; work on BlackBerry, iPhone and other phones and smartphones. Zimbra modular architecture based on proven open source components. The system is easy to maintain, and easy to scale. Possible integration with other platforms and systems work together.

Zimbra has a rich web-based, indexed by the search system and the set of tools to organize your mailbox.

Zimbra includes a web application for system administrators, which reduces support costs, easier to deploy, provides easier management, bringing the total cost of ownership several times lower than that of analogues.

Features of Zimbra Email Hosting

  • Hosted Zimbra Solution
  • Zimbra Enterprise Mail Server
  • E-mail for your domain - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Global Address Book
  • Personal and Shared Tasks
  • Online Documents Storage
  • Mobility - Access from Anywhere
  • Calendar
  • Chat - Personal and Group Chat
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Inbuilt Anti Spam and Anti Virus

Zimbra Business Email Hosting Plans

(Prices in INR - Indian Rupees)

Zimbra Business Email Hosting Services
  • 1 Email Account700
  • 2 Email Accounts1,200
  • 5 Email Accounts2,500
  • 10 Email Accounts4,000
  • 15 Email Accounts5,250
  • 25 Email Accounts7,500
  • 50 Email Accounts12,500
  • 100 Email Accounts20,000
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Hosted Zimbra
Zimbra Email Hosting Service Provider
  • 1 Email Account1,100
  • 2 Email Accounts2,200
  • 5 Email Accounts4,500
  • 10 Email Accounts6,000
  • 15 Email Accounts7,250
  • 25 Email Accounts9,500
  • 50 Email Accounts14,500
  • 100 Email Accounts22,000
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Hosted Business Email
Business Email Hosting
  • 1 Email Account1,500
  • 2 Email Accounts3,000
  • 5 Email Accounts6,500
  • 10 Email Accounts8,000
  • 15 Email Accounts9,250
  • 25 Email Accounts11,500
  • 50 Email Accounts16,500
  • 100 Email Accounts24,000
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Email Hosting
For 100+ Mailboxes, kindly send your enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With Zimbra Business e-Mail Services you will get:

  • E-mail for your domain
  • Common tasks
  • Portfolio (document repository)
  • Global Address book
  • Editor of online documents Diary
  • Convenient administrative control panel Built-in Antispam and Antivirus

All resources can make Zimbra shared by multiple users, personal or public (accessible via a web browser to anyone wanting). It is easy enough to be integrated with additional modules like Zimlets, solving a particular business problem. Zimbra system can be deployed within the local network, and be accessible via the Internet, anywhere, with any modern device, 24 hours a day.

Corporate Mail Server

Corporate mail server based on the technology VMware Zimbra - system, earned the trust of more than 50 million users worldwide, the best alternative to MS Exchange and a worthy replacement of any other paid and free e-mail.

Zimbra Business Email Hosting Services

- A cost-effective solution that can be used by organizations of all sizes.